Imperfect Democracy is Indonesia’s Least Bad Option

Rising Islamic extremism and Chinese influence cloud the pre-election agenda To outside observers, the fluid and transitory nature of allegiances among Indonesia’s political elites can seem puzzling. In the... Read more »

India and France Lead Efforts to Boost Solar Power Generation

India and France have joined hands to spearhead a global “solar revolution” with an aim to generate one terawatt of energy by 2030, an ambitious goal that requires $1... Read more »

Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Attract Potential Investors in 2018 RIF: Official

Potential investors attending the 2018 Regional Investment Forum (RIF) put great interests to invest in Indonesia’s tourism sector, an Indonesian senior official said on Wednesday. “Millions of people across... Read more »

The Myth Of a Neo Imperial China

New Silk Road infrastructure projects could bring back a peaceful and prosperous Eurasia The geopolitical focus of the still young 21st century spans the Indian Ocean from the Persian... Read more »

The Trump Doctrine’s Search For a Trump Team Goes On

Rex Tillerson may have been an ‘outsider’ but he turned out to be a conventional thinker. Trump will continue to hire and fire until he finds people willing to... Read more »

Blockchain Rival to Wikipedia Raises $30 Million, Plans Token ‘Airdrop’

Do we need a more lively Wikipedia for the Snapchat generation? The founders of a fast-growing site called Everipedia, which offers a snappy design and incorporates blockchain technology, say... Read more »

No Checks, No Balances in The Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is gradually tightening the noose on his sundry critics, in moves critics see as textbook vindictive politics. Buoyed by historic-high approval ratings, the Filipino strongman... Read more »

Jihad Decree Triggers Demands For Holy War on Kashmir

Branded a “sponsor of terrorism” by the Trump administration for failing to act against extremism, Pakistan has sought to polish its image by decreeing that only the state has the... Read more »

Australia Shoots For Bigger Gun Sales

Australia has no plans to tighten scrutiny of its arms trade under a controversial new export drive announced on January 29. While the government aims to ramp up foreign... Read more »

Bangladesh Braces For Key Graft Verdict, as Elections Loom

A corruption case involving former prime minister Begum Khaleda Zia has put Bangladesh on edge, with many fearing the outcome could result in widespread violence. A special anti-corruption court... Read more »