Australia Shoots For Bigger Gun Sales

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Erdogan Says Military Operation to Make Big Sweep East Across Syria

The Turkish offensive in northwest Syria’s Afrin region against the Kurdish YPG militia has opened a new front in the multi-sided Syrian civil war but has strained ties with... Read more »

Indonesia’s Modernizing Military Suharto’s New Order Is Old News

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (popularly known as Jokowi) is the country’s first directly elected leader who does not have significant ties to the old authoritarian regime of Suharto, who... Read more »

Boeing’s Harpoon Block II+ Is the Navy’s New Ship-Killer Missile

The United States Navy has completed its first operational test shot of a new variant of Boeing’s Harpoon Block II+ anti-ship missile over the Point Mugu Sea Test Range... Read more »

The A 10 Warthog Could Ravage North Korea. So Why Does the Air Force Hate It?

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If Donald Trump Attacks North Korea: Beware of Kim’s Air Defense Systems

If the Trump Administration chooses to intervene in North Korea, the White House may discover that Pyongyang is a more formidable adversary than many might expect. Aside from the... Read more »

Membaca Kunjungan Menhan AS ke Indonesia

Telegrafi – Mengawali 2018 ada yang mulai intensif “mengamankan” Laut China Selatan. Menhan AS James Mattis bertemu dengan Menhan RI Ryamizard Ryacudu. Topik pembicaraan mencakup: LCS, Nuklir Korut, ISIS,... Read more »