Imperfect Democracy is Indonesia’s Least Bad Option

Rising Islamic extremism and Chinese influence cloud the pre-election agenda To outside observers, the fluid and transitory nature of allegiances among Indonesia’s political elites can seem puzzling. In the... Read more »

Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Attract Potential Investors in 2018 RIF: Official

Potential investors attending the 2018 Regional Investment Forum (RIF) put great interests to invest in Indonesia’s tourism sector, an Indonesian senior official said on Wednesday. “Millions of people across... Read more »

No Checks, No Balances in The Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is gradually tightening the noose on his sundry critics, in moves critics see as textbook vindictive politics. Buoyed by historic-high approval ratings, the Filipino strongman... Read more »

Millennials Aim to spoil Malaysia’s Polls

In an election featuring many age-old familiar faces, an increasingly engaged but alienated younger generation of Malaysian voters is committing to #UndiRosak, a social media sparked campaign that advocates... Read more »

Myanmar Vows to Improve Company Registry, Cut Red Tape

Myanmar plans to launch an electronic company-registry system this year and boost its efforts to reduce red tape for businesses after it amended its Companies Act last month to... Read more »

‘An Era to Forget’: Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Hails Close Singapore Ties While Taking Aim at Mahathir Mohamad

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak praised his country’s relationship with neighbouring Singapore on Tuesday, but added a jibe for his closest rival in upcoming elections. “We believe in good... Read more »

Myanmar Slams US Diplomat Who Attacked Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘Absence of Moral Leadership’ on Plight of Rohingya

Bill Richardson, a former Clinton administration cabinet member, quit as the 10-member advisory board was making its first visit to western Rakhine State, from where nearly 700,000 Rohingya Muslims... Read more »

Angry Malaysian Youth in Protest Vote Campaign

A campaign by young Malaysians to cast protest votes is picking up steam as the South-east Asian country braces for a potentially acrimonious national election between two candidates that... Read more »

Jokowi’s Panicky Politics

Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s problems would have seemed far-fetched less than a year ago. Then the president, widely known as Jokowi, was celebrated for his democratic credentials and hailed... Read more »

Measles Outbreak Kills Scores of Children in Papua Indonesia

Papua, Indonesia – At least 69 children have died due to malnutrition and a measles outbreak in Indonesia’s far eastern Papua province, but local church officials estimate the death toll... Read more »