Lee Hsien Loong Visits Police Coast Guard in Pulau Brani on Eve of Chinese New Year

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong visited the Police Coast Guard headquarters in Pulau Brani on Monday morning (Feb 4), the eve of Chinese New Year.

PM Lee, with Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam, went on board a coastal patrol craft and welcomed officers returning from their night shift of patrolling Singapore’s waters.

During his visit, PM Lee also handed out Chinese New Year goodies and thanked the officers for their constant vigilance.

In a Facebook post on Monday, he said: “Many of us will join our families for a sumptuous reunion dinner tonight.

“But for the Police Coast Guard, the work of patrolling our waters continues 24/7. This is a duty that never ceases, and I am grateful for their service so that the rest of us can enjoyable a peaceful and safe Chinese New Year,” he wrote.

Separately, Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin visited the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Port Operations Control Centre (POCC) on Monday morning (Feb 4), to bring some festive cheer to staff working there.

“We tossed the traditional ‘lohei’ (raw fish salad) to share festive cheer as they are spending the rest of today at work, guiding visiting ships and ensuring they are safe in our waters,” Dr Lam said in a Facebook post, after his visit to the centre located at PSA Vista, at Harbour Drive.

Thanking the MPA officers for their work, Dr Lam also wrote: “Vessels passing through Singapore waters are closely monitored by our POCC officers (like air traffic controllers, but at sea!), using the Vessel Traffic Information System.”

Noting that more than 140,000 ships call at Singapore’s port every year, Dr Lam said: “May it be a busy but smooth sailing year ahead!” STRAITSTIMES

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