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‘Time traveller’ claims 7ft aliens will land on Earth next year and spark war

‘Time traveller’ claims 7ft aliens will land on Earth next year and spark war

A “time traveller” who claims to be from the year 2491 reckons there will be giant aliens with a”distorted appearance” arriving on Earth in 2022.

The adventurer, who goes by the name “futuretimetraveller” on TikTok, revealed some of the details of the “extraterrestrial species” and bizarrely claimed they will “spark war” with humans.

The video shows a blue sky in the background with large-font captions, which read: “What you call Aliens will make their first appearance on Earth next year.

“The exact date they are first sighted is May 24, 2022.”

The “traveller” then explains that in 2491, there are various types of aliens and the group that live on Earth “as citizens” are called “Nirons”.

Do you believe time travellers exist or are they complete nonsense? Let us know in the comments below

‘Time traveller’ claims 7ft aliens will land on Earth next year and spark war
The TikToker said the aliens will come next May and live as citizens on Earth
(Image: TikTok/futuretimetraveller

“[They] come in peace and don’t mean harm but the US attack them and begin in the first of many inter-dimensional wars,” they added.

“They are about 7ft 4in and have long shaped skulls, dark grey and distorted appearance. They do not come to be harmful but are extremely dangerous when provoked.”

As with all so-called time travellers, the TikToker provided absolutely zero evidence for his bombastic claims – but that didn’t stop the video being seen more than 94,000 times.

Many viewers were dubious about the theory and they tried to ask for more details about the alien’s arrival.

The event will turn into an inter-dimensional war at some point
The event will turn into an inter-dimensional war at some point
(Image: Getty)

One said: “So do humans and Nirons procreate and create a new race?”

A second added: “I’m so hooked on your account and scared at the same time.”

“I heard the government is already working with them,” another suggested and the adventurer replied: “I want to tell you because I know but am scared for my own safety.”

“Futuretimetraveller” is not the first TikTok influencer who posts bizarre warnings of events from the future. Another recently made a bonkers claim that there would be pyramids in the sky and warned viewers to “not look up at them” when, or if, his outrageous prediction occurs.

And TikTok account “Time Voyager”, who claims to have arrived in real-time Earth in December, 2020, posted on social media that there will be a great wave hitting in the summer of 2021.

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American Journalist Killed Near Kiev

American Journalist Killed Near Kiev
Brent Renaud attends the 74th Annual Peabody Awards at Cipriani Wall Street on May 31, 2015, in New York. (Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File)

The Videographer Brent Renaud, a well-known war journalist and a former New York Times correspondent, was shot dead on Sunday in Ukraine, near the capital Kiev, the regional police chief has reported. The newspaper has clarified that it hadn’t sent him on assignment.

The circumstances surrounding Renaud’s death are unclear, but Irpen, the scene of the incident, has seen heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in recent days.

The journalist “paid with his life for trying to highlight the aggressor’s ingenuity, cruelty and ruthlessness,” Andrey Nebytov wrote on Facebook, referring to the Russian military. In another post shortly afterwards, the police chief shared an image of a bloodied corpse with a bullet wound near the ear, presumably that of Renaud.

In addition to the 51-year-old reporter’s killing, two more correspondents were injured, Nebytov further claimed, adding that they were “rescued from the scene” and taken to a hospital in Kiev.

At the time of writing, the White House had not confirmed reports of Renaud’s death, and said it was consulting with the Ukrainians, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan explained.

Renaud was a well-known war correspondent and had reported from conflict zones in the Middle East and Latin America. While he was identified in several reports as a New York Times correspondent, the newspaper on Sunday put out a statement saying that “he was not on assignment for any desk at the Times in Ukraine,” and that he “was wearing a Times press badge that had been issued for an assignment many years ago.” Renaud had last worked for the New York Times in 2015.

Situated on the outskirts of Kiev, Irpen has been the scene of intense fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces for several days, and it is unclear how or even if Renaud got caught in the middle. Likewise, Nebytov is the only official to have blamed Russia for the shooting.

An unverified video shared by Italian journalist Annalisa Camilli purportedly shows one of Renaud’s companions, who identifies himself as “Juan,” lying on a hospital bed. “Juan” tells Camilli that the journalists were taken past a checkpoint by someone who offered them a ride, when their car was fired upon.

The Guardian named him as Juan Arredondo, a Colombian-American photographer. He can be seen in the video wearing a badge of the American Spanish-language network Telemundo, but the network has not yet commented on the incident.

According to the man, the driver turned around, but Renaud was shot in the neck and left behind as the man was taken to hospital, possibly in an ambulance. The man did not say who did the shooting, or whether their ride past the checkpoint was in a civilian or military vehicle.

It is unclear whether anyone else was injured, as Nebytov originally stated that “two more correspondents” had been hit, yet the man named only himself and Renaud as traveling in the vehicle.

Several international journalists were nearby at the time of the shooting, and Bild journalist Paul Ronzheimer shared footage apparently showing the man being evacuated on a stretcher by several men in Ukrainian military and emergency services uniforms.



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MSNBC Deletes Tweet After ‘Inaccurate’ Hitler Comparison

MSNBC Deletes Tweet After ‘Inaccurate’ Hitler Comparison
A picture dated 1939 shows German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. AFP/Getty Images

MSNBC’s top-rated news program, The Rachel Maddow Show, had to delete a tweet and issue a correction after the Auschwitz Memorial pointed out that it contained a false claim about the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

The tweet in question, which was deleted late on Friday, included a quote from McFaul, a Stanford University professor in international studies and US ambassador to Moscow between 2012 and 2014, who had earlier appeared on the program.

While criticizing Moscow’s recent military attack on Ukraine, McFaul drew comparisons between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler, with Hitler apparently coming off more favorably.

“One difference between Putin and Hitler is that Hitler didn’t kill ethnic Germans, German-speaking people. Putin slaughters the very people he said he has come to liberate,” McFaul said.

There were no quote marks to accompany the statement posted on the ‘Maddow Blog’ Twitter account, but the tweet included a video clip of McFaul making the comment.

The tweet remained on The Rachel Maddow Show’s page for hours and drew harsh reactions from many in the replies.

Eventually, the Auschwitz Memorial in Poland stepped in to set the record straight.

“On a factual note: Hitler did kill ethnic Germans & German-speaking people: those who opposed the Nazi regime, those who resisted, those who did not fit into the ‘Weltanschauung’ (world-view). He ordered the murder of people with different disabilities & finally the murder of German Jewry,” the institution wrote.

That comment prompted the show to delete the initial tweet and issue a correction. It acknowledged sharing “an inaccurate statement” and expressed regret over the blunder.

McFaul himself tweeted that he “deeply regrets” his comment and acknowledged that “German Jews were a vibrant part of the German population.”

He promised to “never make comparisons to Hitler again” and insisted he would focus only on Putin “the present evil” from now on.



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Bob Dylan Book on ‘Modern Song’ to Come Out in November

Bob Dylan Book on ‘Modern Song’ to Come Out in November
Bob Dylan performs in Los Angeles on Jan. 12, 2012. Dylan has a new book coming out this fall, a collection of more than 60 essays about songs and songwriters he admires, from Stephen Foster to Elvis Costello. The new book called “The Philosophy of Modern Song,” is scheduled for Nov. 8. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File)

Bob Dylan has a new book coming out this fall, a collection of more than 60 essays about songs and songwriters he admires, from Stephen Foster to Elvis Costello.

The new book, “The Philosophy of Modern Song,” is his first release of new material since the acclaimed memoir “Chronicles, Volume One” was published in 2004. “The Philosophy of Modern Song” is scheduled for Nov. 8.

“He analyzes what he calls the trap of easy rhymes, breaks down how the addition of a single syllable can diminish a song, and even explains how bluegrass relates to heavy metal,” according to an announcement issued Tuesday by Simon & Schuster. “And while they (the essays) are ostensibly about music, they are really meditations and reflections on the human condition. Running throughout the book are nearly 150 carefully curated photos as well as a series of dream-like riffs that, taken together, resemble an epic poem.”

The 80-year-old singer-songwriter won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2016 and has continued to tour and record, his most recent album, “Rough and Rowdy Ways,” was released in 2020.




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Western Media Pull Out of Russia

Western Media Pull Out of Russia
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). © Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Several Western news organizations halt operations after Moscow criminalized the spread of ‘fake news’

The BBC, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, and Bloomberg have suspended operations in Russia after President Vladimir Putin enacted a law that makes the deliberate spread of disinformation punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

After the anti-fake news law was approved on Friday, CNN said it would “stop broadcasting in Russia while we continue to evaluate the situation and our next steps moving forward.”

Bloomberg – the news agency founded and owned by US billionaire Michael Bloomberg – similarly said it would “temporarily suspend the work of its journalists inside Russia” and accused Moscow of criminalizing “independent reporting.” The New York-based outlet claimed that the crackdown on disinformation would make it “impossible to continue any semblance of normal journalism inside the country.”

Like Bloomberg, the UK state-funded BBC argued that the law “appears to criminalize the process of independent journalism,” and announced that its Russian-language coverage would continue only from outside Russia.

CNN Center in Atlanta. Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg News

CNN Center in Atlanta. Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg News

Spokespersons for ABC and CBS News announced that the networks would not broadcast from Russia while they “assess the situation,” with ABC News calling the legislation a “censorship law.”

The Washington Post responded to the introduction of the new law by removing authors’ names and other data from their Russia-originated publications.

Some internal news: In response to Putin’s threats against reporters in Russia, The Washington Post will remove bylines and datelines from stories produced by our journalists in Russia. Goal is to ensure staff’s safety,” Paul Farhi, one of its writers, said on Twitter, adding that he had “never seen anything like this” during his career.

An hour later, Farhi amended his last statement, recalling that, during the First Gulf War, Post reporter Caryle Murphy had got trapped in Kuwait and had therefore covered the Iraq invasion while in hiding.

Her stories were published w/o bylines, for obvious reasons. Caryle won a Pulitzer for her work,” Farhi said.

Those charged under the new media law could be imprisoned for up to 15 years if they are found guilty of knowingly and deliberately spreading false information about Russia’s conflict with Ukraine in a way that significantly damages national security. Anyone found guilty of defaming the Russian army could also receive a fine of up to $13,500 or three years in prison, while those who call for anti-Russian sanctions could receive fines of up to $5,000.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the chairman of the State Duma, argued that the law was necessary “to protect our soldiers” and “protect the truth.”

“American social networks, controlled by Washington, launched an information war against Russia,” Volodin declared, adding, “It is necessary to make a decision to combat the spread of fake information.”

Moscow maintains its military offensive in Ukraine is a “special operation” aimed at the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of the country in the name of protecting the people of the two Donbass republics Russia recently recognized. Kiev said the attack was unprovoked, insisting it had not been seeking to retake Donetsk and Lugansk by force. The two republics split from Kiev back in 2014 in the aftermath of the Maidan coup, which ousted Ukraine’s government, with intermittent fighting continuing in the years since.

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Girlfriend’s ‘heart torn in two’ as ‘stuntman’ knifed to death while filming music video

Girlfriend’s ‘heart torn in two’ as ‘stuntman’ knifed to death while filming music video

A stuntman’s girlfriend has revealed her heartbreak after he was knifed to death while filming a music video.

Devastated Seleka Gathercole said “my heart’s been torn in two” after her partner Shane Jerome, 23, was attacked during a music video shoot.

Shane had been on Brixton High Street shooting the rap video with Lamborghini sports cars, people in balaclavas and a quad bike before a confrontation between two groups broke out.

The victim was rushed towards an ambulance clutching his chest following the savage attack, horrified witnesses said.

Police said Shane was found suffering from a stab wound but a post-mortem examination will be conducted in due course.

Girlfriend’s ‘heart torn in two’ as ‘stuntman’ knifed to death while filming music video
Seleka Gathercole was left devastated after her partner was stabbed to death
(Image: facebook/seleka.gathercole.1)

Paramedics worked to save Jerome, from Thornton Heath, but he was pronounced dead at the scene half an hour later.

Grief-stricken Seleka said: “My heart’s completely torn in two.

“I will never ever ever get over the loss of you – you mean more to me than I could ever explain.”

The bloke’s devastated pals also paid tribute to “one of the best guys they knew”.

shane on motorbike
Shane’s motorbike was left abandoned at the scene
(Image: Snapchat)

Courtney Young wrote: “RIP Shane. I honestly can’t believe it.

“Life is too short, it’s always the least expected. Fly high friend.”

Rebecca Newell added: “Rest in perfect peace to one of the best guys I knew.

“Was always there just a phone call away, forever and always in my heart.”

crime scene brixton stabbing
Shane was stabbed to death outside London Underground station
(Image: Reach plc)

A 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm but was released with no further action.

Authorities have appealed for any information from people who were in the area at the time.

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Blackburn, leading the investigation said: “Brixton Road near to the tube station is a busy area of London and there were many people in the street, on buses and in cars yesterday evening.

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“We have spoken to a number of witnesses already and I am asking for anyone who was in the area and who may have seen anything, or have footage on their phone or dashcam, to please contact us.

“A young man has tragically lost his life in an attack on a busy high street, I am asking anyone with any information to call the police.”

They can be contacted via 101 quoting reference Cad 7056/21Jul, or to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Delta variant of Covid one of the most infectious of all respiratory diseases, CDC director says

Delta variant of Covid one of the most infectious of all respiratory diseases, CDC director says

The Delta variant of Covid-19 is one of the most infectious of all respiratory diseases, the director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Thursday.

“The delta variant is more aggressive and much more transmissible than previously circulating strains. It is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of, and that I have seen in my 20-year career,” CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky said.

Dr Walensky told reporters that “this virus has no incentive to let up, and it remains in search of the next vulnerable person to infect,” reported NBC News.

“We are at yet another pivotal moment in this pandemic, with cases rising again and some hospitals reaching their capacity in some areas, we need to come together as one nation,” she said.

The CDC, however, hasn’t changed its guidance that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks.

Dr William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases in the health policy department at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, said this delta (strain) at the moment is honing in on largely unvaccinated persons.

Delta variant has become the most dominant variant across the US and is accounting for over 80 percent of sequenced cases. The US has also witnessed a surge in the Covid-19 cases with close to 600,000 cases over the last four weeks.

Till 15 July, over 341.7 million doses of Covid-19 have been administered but scepticism against vaccines led to a slowdown. According to reports, over 95 per cent of people admitted to the hospital in the US with symptoms of Covid-19 are unvaccinated.

The scepticism, however, may soon change due to rising Covid-19 cases.

Jeff Zients, who is head of president Joe Biden’s Covid-19 team, on Thursday told media that several states with the highest proportions of new infections have seen residents get vaccinated at higher rates than the nation as a whole.


The officials cited Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Nevada as examples.

Additional reporting by agencies

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